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Wuxi Beyongd AOK Electric CO., LTD is a high-tech joint-stock company specialized in technical consulting and system designing service for electric heating and heat tracing. We also offer production, installation and field service for electric heaters and heat tracing system.

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Some of our engineers have more than 30 years of design experience in this industry. With 3D product design software, we could provide as-built product model. With the Finite Element Analysis, simulation of actual working condition could be achieved. With smart control systems, our heating products are stable, reliable and efficient.
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Wuxi Vulcanic AOK Electrical Equipment Limited are committed to provide better service with great technology and outstanding talents. We value self-improvement, integrity and passion. We hereby invite you to join us. We will realize our dreams and share passion and success together.
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Electric heating trace designing
Introduction to Cast Line Heaters
Electric heating trace designing
LV self-regulating & low  temperature electric  heating cable
HV self-regulating &  middle temperature electric heating cable
HHV self-regulating & high temperature electric heatingcable
CWM constant watt & middle temperature electric heating cable
CWH constant watt & high temperature electric heating cable
MI Electric Heating Cable
SRCM series connection electric heating cable
Current Collection Cable
Electric heating meter  tube
Electric heating meter  case
Electric control
Installing sketch map
Other  heat tracing forms and methods
Electric heater
Circulation heater
Immerge heater
The heater of store pots types that offer pump
The gas heater for pressure relieving
The heater of store pot
The gas heater of wind
The heater of 200L jerrican
The heater system of hot carrier
Boiler and steam generato
Board elements
Surveillance system
Temperature control system
The document of electric heating
The document of electric heating
The meaning of protection degree code
Basic explosion-proof knowledge
Heater consulting datasheet
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